Tuesday, July 05, 2005

TMNet Horror 1.14 - Explanation again?

And Here's my reply to them. This is getting very tedious.
I wonder why they can't fix the Service Rep?
After All, they append a Siebel Cust Reference to each email....

From: Yoon Kit Yong
To: TM Net Customer Care Support
Cc: yoonkit@streamyx.com, shahrir@cfm.org.my, fomca@fomca.org.my, suganthi@cfm.org.my
Date: Jul 5, 2005 12:04 PM
Subject: Re: Streamyx

Hello Noor Aziean,

Yet another Customer Service Rep?
Can I please deal with just one person so that I can hold someone accountable?
Where are your supervisors email CC'ed as requested in my previous email?

> We refer to query on adjustment dispute and upon checking in our systems,
> we found that the adjustment of RM422.71 are valid.
> Please note that, there are system errors on your adjustment
> that doubled your adjustment amount (RM845.42).
> However, we already deducted the adjustment amount of RM422.71
> and the actual amount now becomes RM422.71.

Sigh... And I thought that you guys have come to your
senses and realised the inconvenience you have put me through
by rebating me an appropriate amount.

Its not a nice thing to remove the rebates.

> Kindly note that, on your first dispute,
> your have disputed for amount of RM422.71 and we have
> did the adjustment for that amount.

My dispute is not just the RM 422.71. If you were to see my original
complaint at

TMNet Horrors 1.0 - Saga Begins

It was just for the month of December.
I could not view the usage for November,
as I kept getting errors from your system.
Neither could/can I view the usage for January.

Your billing system still has some 'integrity' errors,
and that does not inspire any confidence in the
amounts your esteemed company is charging its clients!

Fortunately I have documented all your unecessary charges,
so you cannot change the figures as what you have done so far.

I have already explained to your colleagues in 'Customer Care'
about the overcharging amount, back in Feb05:

TMNet Horrors 1.4 - Its like reasoning with imbeciles

Here is why you need to rebate the amount:

TMNet Horrors 1.8 - Victory has a bitter aftertaste

>> 1) The 422.71 which you are reimbursing me is only the December bill.
>> 2) In November 2004, there is an overcharge of RM30.13
>> 3) In January 2005 there is also an overcharge of RM177.21
>> 4) although I paid for March access for RM44,
>> I could not log in because my account was suspended over no fault of mine.
>> 5) There seems to be a RM63 extra charge in September,
>> but I cannot confirm because your accounts
>> at tmbill.tm.net.my doesnt go back that far.
>> Can you please check that its because I didnt pay my 44 subscription
>> or because of aditional charges?
>> 6) Please let us not mention the inconvenience caused over the past 4 months.

Change (6) To 7 months now!
There has been no response for (5); the charges for September.
Add April RM44 for service interruption.

>> So can you consider rebating me a total of at least RM674.05
>> as that is the total amount of money demanded by your
>> accounting system which you have identified with a system error?

Its obvious that there is a system error, as your colleagues have indicated:

"upon further checking with the related department,
we found that there was a system error."
Fathihatul Diyana
Customer Care Support, CRM
TMNet Horrors 1.7 - Victory?

> To view the details of this adjustment,
> kindly visit our on-line billing website at https://tmbill.tm.net.my.
> Please note that, the username and password to login this website
> is same as your Streamyx account.

Yes, Im aware of that facility as it is because of this I managed
to catch the extreme usage in December. Unfortunately not so for
November nor January as this *DOES NOT WORK!*
Your system is down! It States:

The System has encountered some data integrity errors

Please contact the System Administrator and pass this Exception Message:

Indeed, your system sure has some integrity errors.
1) The amount charged to me is incorrect,
2) Your company doesnt have the integrity to service their customers properly.

> We apologise for the inconvenience caused you have encountered.

You and your colleagues have been apologizing insincerely for over
7 months. Please stop apologizing and start getting things solved!

> We hope the above reverts to your query.
> Should you require any further assistance,
> please feel free to contact us at streamyx@tm.net.my
> or call us at 1-300-88-9515 (from 8:00 am to 12:00 am ~ daily).
> Thank you for being our valued customer.

It obviously doesnt 'revert' my query yet again.
I have stated my 'queries' over and over again.
This is the 8th correspondance I am making over a
7 months period! You would have thought that this
matter would have been settled by now!!!

Please make it so.


===== Appendix ====

Here are my usage over the months in question,
Please indicate to me the usage for the months of Sept, Nov and Jan
for my records.
With this we can figure out the true quantum of my 'dispute',
and settle this matter once and for all.

September 2004: *Unknown Usage* (Please detail)

November 2004: *Unknown Usage* (was billed) RM 30.13

December 2004: 768hrs @ RM442.41

January 2005: *Unknown Usage* (was billed) RM 177.21

March 2005 Usage: 7hrs * Service interrupted !! * (Even with
subscription paid)
25-Feb-2005 01:02:08 , Fri erxklj02-home 01:12:58 RM 0.00
25-Feb-2005 02:15:17 , Fri erxklj02-home 00:00:21 RM 0.00
26-Feb-2005 02:11:40 , Sat erxklj02-home 00:19:18 RM 0.00
27-Feb-2005 01:03:02 , Sun erxklj02-home 00:21:10 RM 0.00
27-Feb-2005 01:31:29 , Sun erxklj02-home 00:57:11 RM 0.00
01-Mar-2005 22:12:24 , Tue erxklj02-home 00:44:23 RM 0.00
02-Mar-2005 00:35:23 , Wed erxklj02-home 00:44:59 RM 0.00
05-Mar-2005 12:43:23 , Sat erxklj02-home 00:11:19 RM 0.00
05-Mar-2005 12:57:50 , Sat erxklj02-home 00:00:47 RM 0.00
05-Mar-2005 12:58:49 , Sat erxklj02-home 00:01:27 RM 0.00
08-Mar-2005 01:02:32 , Tue erxklj02-home 00:20:14 RM 0.00
08-Mar-2005 01:22:57 , Tue erxklj02-home 00:21:10 RM 0.00
08-Mar-2005 03:14:40 , Tue erxklj02-home 00:13:41 RM 0.00
08-Mar-2005 03:28:51 , Tue erxklj02-home 00:09:53 RM 0.00
09-Mar-2005 00:10:32 , Wed erxklj02-home 00:42:00 RM 0.00
09-Mar-2005 01:01:17 , Wed erxklj02-home 00:05:07 RM 0.00
09-Mar-2005 01:07:32 , Wed erxklj02-home 00:07:52 RM 0.00
10-Mar-2005 01:12:05 , Thu erxklj02-home 00:15:23 RM 0.00
10-Mar-2005 01:28:15 , Thu erxklj02-home 00:03:46 RM 0.00
12-Mar-2005 15:23:13 , Sat erxklj02-home 00:26:32 RM 0.00
12-Mar-2005 15:50:40 , Sat erxklj02-home 00:01:35 RM 0.00
- Total 07:21:06 RM 0.00

April Usage: 9hrs * Service Interrupted * (Even with subscription paid)
07-Apr-2005 01:48:40 , Thu erxklj02-home 01:02:06 RM 0.00
07-Apr-2005 03:01:01 , Thu erxklj02-home 00:00:11 RM 0.00
10-Apr-2005 01:43:41 , Sun erxklj02-home 01:13:29 RM 0.00
10-Apr-2005 02:57:33 , Sun erxklj02-home 00:03:35 RM 0.00
10-Apr-2005 17:42:12 , Sun erxklj02-home 00:08:49 RM 0.00
10-Apr-2005 18:06:29 , Sun erxklj02-home 00:05:26 RM 0.00
10-Apr-2005 18:36:59 , Sun erxklj02-home 00:05:15 RM 0.00
10-Apr-2005 18:42:29 , Sun erxklj02-home 00:05:27 RM 0.00
15-Apr-2005 20:28:09 , Fri erxklj02-home 01:58:37 RM 0.00
15-Apr-2005 22:47:41 , Fri erxklj02-home 00:20:14 RM 0.00
15-Apr-2005 23:10:45 , Fri erxklj02-home 00:14:07 RM 0.00
15-Apr-2005 23:25:35 , Fri erxklj02-home 02:12:21 RM 0.00
16-Apr-2005 12:54:27 , Sat erxklj02-home 01:18:52 RM 0.00
19-Apr-2005 02:04:24 , Tue erxklj02-home 00:51:29 RM 0.00
- Total 09:39:58 RM 0.00
==== End of Appendix =====


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