Friday, February 11, 2005

TMNet Horrors 1.4 - its like reasoning with imbeciles

So it took me 1/2 a day to calm myself down and to think up a suitable reply. Hey, if they could take a month and a bit, I might as well take my time right?

Here it is:

From: Yoon Kit Yong
Reply-To: Yoon Kit Yong
To: TM Net Customer Care Support
Date: Feb 11, 2005 3:55 AM
Subject: Re: Outrageous Streamyx bill! RM44 -> RM422 for this month!

Hello Aminah,

Does it always take more than a month for TMNet's
Customer Care to respond to queries?

If so then I suggest taking this issue up to upper management,
because this Service Level is totally unacceptable.

Thank you for suggesting to me to upgrade my package via
a TMNet service centre. However it does NOT address the
main Issue I have regarding your service, and that is
the OUTRAGEOUS bill I have to pay now.

Please read this email properly, and respond appropriately.
I have done more research, and have found that my usage patterns
since April 2004 has been consistently at the 20 - 30 hour levels,
and have NEVER breached the 60 hour usage over the past year +
of usage.

So I dont think I should upgrade to the unlimited package,
as Im not considered a heavy user!

Anyway, the issue here is the overcharging of my usage
due to some system problems you have with your logging of accounts,
keeping logins logged on when obviously its due to a session
which is hanging.

Because of your teams incompetance in
1) checking up on hanging sessions which are obviously non-chargeable
2) totally irresponsible and unacceptable response rates via email
3) lack of customer support and service in terms of solving our problems
4) dismal service,

I demand all the extra charges which your billing system has assigned
to me to be absolved because
1) My usage track record shows that I dont use
more than 60 hours per month
since signing up in 2003
2) This 'problem' only started appearing in November,
my login and
logout behaviour never changed before,
thus it must be a change in
your system
3) calling in to check on these hanging sessions was totally
non-obvious, and I had to find out the problems myself

I will continue to pay the RM44 monthly subscription as per normal,
and I do not have problems with that, but I do have the problem of paying
over RM600 on charges which should NOT have been billed to my account.

If you do not have the authority to meet my request, please
CC this email to someone who has, and I will explain my case
to them clearly too.

I do not want to wait another month to resolve this issue,
so I am giving your team a deadline: Respond to me by next
week (giving you time over the CNY holidays) on the 18th of February, 3pm,
Or I will have to take this issue to the media, or any other
means of getting my hassles with TMNet heard.

Please get in touch with me to settle this issue.

Yong Yoon Kit
[mobile phone number provided]

BTW, your team has 'apologized for the late reply' which is actually
over 1 month, twice already. That is totally unacceptable.
Who is accountable for the Customer Care department?
I would like to have a word with him/her too. Its Disgusting.

So I was not happy.

Guess how long the next reply took?

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