Tuesday, July 05, 2005

TMNet Horror 1.14.2 - Egads! Its Vads!

OK, Ive just took some time to do abit of research on why my customer experience has been so BAD with TMNet. I found this press release:

Bernama: 21st July 2004
TM Net Continues Investments To Improve Customer Service With VADS

I couldnt help but shake my head when I read these words:
In a statement Wednesday, TM Net chief executive officer (CEO), Datuk Baharum Salleh said, outsourcing the contact centre was one of the company's ongoing efforts to enhance customer support and increase customer satisfaction.

"We believe that by better understanding customer needs and maximising on the capabilities of the contact entre, TM Net will be in a better position to enhance the quality of customer service and ultimately giving greater value for service to customers," he added.

Enhance Quality? 7 month ordeal? bwahaha.
It gets better:
VADS' acting CEO, Dennis Koh said over 150 customer service representatives (CSRs) are employed to handle Tmnet Streamyx subscriber calls.

The service is supported by internationally recognised customer management processes which involve a combination of progressive methods and strategic planning.

"We have a dedicated quality team listening in on calls to ensure quality assurance guidelines are being practised and processes being followed. All CSRs are progressively trained in-house to ensure their performance meets the ever changing customer expectations", he added.

Supported by the latest multi-channel communication technology solution, VADS can now enhance TM Net's support by providing its front-liners with real-time information which in turn equals better customer service.

150 Service Reps!!! No wonder there is a never ending change in reps I deal with. Dont they know that Rule #3 of Customer Service states that "Customer wants to deal with one person only and HATES being passed around"? So much for 'QA guidelines' being practised.

Why would the front liners need 'real-time' information when they react in 'bullet-time'? 2days => 2 months!
The multi-channel communication technology solution does not show itself when I call and email them, its always the same... 'Who are you? What do you want?'

Its so sad its almost funny.

Can anyone help me by providing the emails of either CEOs (TMNet or VADS)?
Cos they really need to work on what they preach.


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