Thursday, February 12, 2009

Random Pictures #1

I spotted a few funny opportunities to snap a few pictures over the past Chinese New Year holidays, and within a span of three days, an Adult theme seemed to emerge.

First off, spotted in Genting Highlands was this poster which highlighted the attractions at their Theme Park. At attraction #10, Gentings is proud to present "Adult Bumper Cars".
Now. I wonder if clothing is optional, or they have private rooms, or there are big exotic dancers. Whatever it is, they'd better practise "Safe Driving."

Then the very innocent game called "Super Mario Galaxy" sports a rather unfortunate camera angle when Mario, that hot blooded italian plumber, captures several cute white fluffy rabbits which talk. The picture doesn't do much justice to the lewdness, because the bunny squirms in a way which is rather disturbing. And look at Mario's face, that pervert!

Good thing its bunnys and not .... cats. Or goats.

To conclude the "Inadvertent Adult theme", around the streets of Wangsa Maju, a suburb north east of KL, there seems to be a demand for "Spring Return" the ultimate male performance enhancing drug. I wonder if it comes with sound effects - "g-doiiiiiingggg!" "bwaaaang!" Or it actually means something more romantic like the return of Spring, the season. I think not.
Im just wondering if the flat for sale is the neighbour who lives under an addict of this drug. Whatever the case, Ditesh's wifey methods would be a great complement to this new enhancement.


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