Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Touch N Go Scam

Ive been using the Touch n Go card for quite some time, and never had much issues with it. Ive found it really useful especially with the SmartTag device. This is a rant about the little interaction I have with Touch n Go Sdn Bhd, and why they suck.

A few weeks ago, I got denied entry with a bizzare message "Kad Tamat Tempoh". I never new TnG cards could expire! Because of this, I was inconvenienced in having to queue up and pay cash in the manual toll booths. The problem was that whenever I use any toll booths, its either after work hours, or the TnG offices would be at the opposite side of the road.

So this morning, I decided to spend two trips around the Ulu Klang Elevated Highway (thats 2 x RM1.50) just to get to an open TnG office. I asked the lady at the counter if she can renew my expired card, and she said sure. Just fill in a form. Great.

So while I was doing that, she punched in some stuff in her keyboard, and when I was done, she handed me a shiny new TnG card. Hooray, I thought, that was relatively painless.

Until I looked at the receipt:
Sorry about the bad pic, but thats the best my phone could do.
Old card No: 00000000000
Old Mfg No: 0488145330

New Card No: 601464000xxxx
New Mfg No: 1832xxxxxxx

Old Card Balance: 70.75
Old Deposit:15.00
Amount Forfeited: 0.00
Card Price: 10.00
New Card Balance: 70.75

Warranty Expires om 1/13/2010
What was interesting was that there was a Card Price! WHAT? I just needed them to extend my card expiry! So I asked the lady what was this about. She said that
"its standard policy, and instead of taking money, we've deduct it from the Deposit amount."
"Gee thanks, but it doesn't explain why you have deducted RM10 in the first place"
"A new card costs RM10"
"But I've just given you my old card to exchange!"
"Ive given you a new card"
"Its your own companies arbitrary expiry ..."
"Yes, the card expires after 10 years."
"So when does this card expire?"
... she checks the computer and says:
"on 17th April 2016"
"But thats just over 8 years from now: Whats this about 10 years?"
" .... "
"What's this about returning my deposit? My Old Balance was 70, you deduct 10, so why isnt my new balance 75?"
"No, I entered the old balance for you. Previously it was 65"
... I have no way of verifying this. *grrr* Why doesnt the receipt correctly read what it should read? Why can there be manipulation on their end?
"So who can I talk to about this?"
"You can call the Customer Hotline below ... "
"No, do you have a manager?"
"No, we are just resellers ... I too have to call the hotline when I need help"

So it looked like I was not going to get anywhere with this drone. I then checked their website, and found this helpful warning:

This is consistent with my experience, so I just would like to know why TnG charges for a new card in the first place. A deposit model is almost bearable. Considering that people will be loading these pieces of plastic with their own money, if they lose it or abuse it, then its their fault and their monies should be forfeitted. The "loss" to TnG is minimal if not at all: they gain when people do silly things with their cards.

So what justifies them charging people for using their tickets? Do credit card companies charge for cards? Do LRT companies charge for those paper tickets? No! The cost of the tokens are covered by the services paid for by the consumer.

Its completely unjustified to charge for something which would arbirarily "expire" after a few years.

Plus what is the story about reducing the expiry date to 8 years? The warning merely says "give you more years of driving", and doesnt quantify the next round of expiring cards.

I checked my MyKad (as I've loaded a few RM in it for LRT usage) and she said that it expires in 2050. Er ... why should there be an expiry at all? What is going to happen in 2050 when everyone's MyKads "expire" because of a third party? Will there be IC counters at all TnG outlets while they "exchange" cards again? Gah.

On speaking to my colleagues, it seems Touch N Go have other scams which they run. They have a loyalty card which refunds 5% off your toll usage. However there are hoops to jump through. These refunds only kick in IF you use more than RM200 per month! My colleague who lives in Klang and therefore pays more toll than an average KLite, says that he barely makes this "quota". Some months like February and holiday filled months make him miss the alloted amount, and he loses out on the RM10 rebate. In addition, there is an annual membership fee of RM20. Plus you have to physically go to an outlet to redeem your rebates. It renders the "loyalty card" completely useless, if not frustrating.

So Touch N Go, what are you up to really? Your "Quality Statement" says that:
TNGSB aims to enhance customer satisfaction by complying with the requirement of the Quality Management System (QMS) and continually improving the effectiveness of QMS
I have no idea what this QMS is nor what it defines but judging from my interaction, I'd say it can be very spectacular.

Also, why is it that when we use TnG in carparks, its costs more? Are you charging the carpark operators a surcharge on the traffic? These shortsighted scams of yours certainly hinders on your Mission Statement:
To provide secure, swift and convenient cashless payment mode to all

Ten years on, and we don't have a cashless card as prevalent as Singapore's or Hong Kongs. With 3rd World mentality like TnG, you'd just have to wonder why.

Yes, its a rant, and Im pissed.


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cheetooh said...

Same sad thing happened to me as well...
I was forced to change my Touch N Go on 5th Jan 2009 because of "Kad Tempoh Tamat". The strange part is my SmartTag still able to get the balance from the card! So I asked the customer service at Faber Tower while renewing my card and she answered me :

"Ini batch pertama berlaku macam ni. Kita hanya ikut arahan saja"
"Kad yang baru akan expire lepas 10 tahun?"
"...." (she kept quiet)
"Jadi, saya punya I.C. dan MMU student card juga akan expire?"
"...." (she kept quiet and smiling)

So ended up, I paid RM10 for the new card and get no answer for my questions.

Just imagine, every Touch N Go users have to renew their card every 10 years and there are 4.4 million users out there. That means Touch 'n Go Sdn Bhd will get 44 million every 10 years by just renewing the card!

thong said...

Plus came out with another scam, PLUS MILES card.
1) The rebate for the card is 5% with the minimum usage of RM200/mth. Which is equivalent of a RM10. Based on the T&C, redemption of the rebate is subject to RM0.25 processing fee. This is deducted from the amount of Redemption. Redemption can be made ONLY at the PLUS Customer Service Centers.
2) You need to pay RM10 annually.
3) If you forget to redeem and wishes to terminate, all rebates amount will be cancelled.
4) Toll rebate is valid for 12 mths.
For more info, can refer to here:

This is a horrible scam. I hope anyone out there to think twice before applying this PLUS MILES card. It really sucks!

A Blessing In Disguise said...

i love your stories on TNG as i was about to buy the plusmiles card. And now im thinking, i shouldn't bother at all.

All I'm saying, at small toll gates exits, let say, Senawang.. or Kuala Lipis, they don't have smart tag lane. they have tng lane sharing with with tunai. The problem is, when there's heavy traffics, (raya time or holidays time) this line cause massive jammed. And i was wondering, why the heck am i paying for the cashless and faster service of smart tag if i have to que like this?! right? if these people don't own tng, that's their problem, and they should just que on the tunai lane. cus they're not paying the stupid tng company. right??

and the other thing is, when theres 2 exits after the toll gates, and the smart tag lane are way at the end of the corner while my exits are at the other side of the world. so i have to cross all the way until the end, u can see this example at gombak toll. or worst, if i want to go to the toilet at their tolls office.. its also at the end of the smart tag lane..

why can't they just put the smart tag lane in the middle? or if they want to make 2 of them at the gate, why can't they put it near to each corner?

menyusahkan orang saje. got brains but dono how to use properly.


mamak pm's son own the company.

one card charge deposit RM10, then if you don't use at least once, you loss every things, every riggit inside.

then 10-year card have to be replaced, you pay another Rm10...

this monopoly business is really fuccckkk, and monopoly is the problem!

Big problem why no another company to compete???

It is sucking people's money and how dark and terrible the whole policy is running!

UMNO is behide it? any other leaders involved? any kuncu-kuncu?
from the fuckkinng start, who owe it???

Desmond said...

So far i i got no problem with 'TNG', which previously i use Plus Miles Card. Plus Miles Card gave me a lot of trouble and problem. Which is when you use with Smart Tag, they toll device detect it very slow. I have to stop down and wait the gate to open. and also especially when at LDP toll, they always block my card and mentioned in the display is 'Tiada Kredit'! which my balance is RM 100++... And ask what happening they said is Plus Miles Card problem. After make a few times complaint to Plus Miles centre, no reply so. As i complaint to 'TNG', they request me to change a new card at Old Klang Road centre which without any charges. I changed it and try it. Everywhere is no problem. which even using with the Smart Tag it detected very fast and never stop me at the toll especially the jamming time. And also Plus Miles Card cannot use at any of the shopping or others place parking area. Once use, the card will 'K.O'. And trouble u to reactivate the card at the toll center. Thanks, bro.

ImNeO said...

FCUK the touch and Go. It is daytime robbery..

hellcat said...

yeah .touch n go r really suck,their system is outdated .how come everytime i want to topup ,the cashiergirl there tell me their system is offline.??? most everytime . n when i use tngo card at toll gates my card will show deactivated card,or blacklisted .this is my 3rd card already ! touch n go u r sucks !!

Anonymous said...

What I dislike is the 10% premium that is levied when using the TNG card for convenience at shopping malls. It's akin to the friggin convenience fee that is charged by airlines for paying online.