Saturday, March 08, 2008

Malaysian Elections

Today is Election day for Malaysia, and the news is certainly interesting. National TV is broadcasting like nothing has changed since 2004, while alternative news sites like malaysiakini is showing sweeping changes. The biggest of course is about Penang, where the current Opposition has taken control of the state govt. We dont see any updates of this big news in the mainstream news.

Anyway, the disparity is quite interesting, and I just hope its not a repeat of this guy:

There are no American infidels in Baghdad. Never!


[Update: 11pm. Looks like malaysiakini is down. 'wget' gives nothing.]

[Update:11:15pm. Thats strange. I do a ping, and I get localhost! Anybody else getting the same thing?]

[Update: 11:40pm, Thanks to the power of google/whois, malaysiakini is available here via static IP: ]

[Update: 11:45pm, Mel has some interesting info on the downtime. "Breaking News - Malaysiakini DNS Suspended!"]

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