Sunday, February 10, 2008

eeePC dialing into maxis via bluetooth.

For real mobility, I needed to configure the Asus eeePC to connect to the internet via my e61. I basically followed the instructions I compiled back in May 2007, "Ubuntu dialup via bluetooth" which was configured for my laptop, with some corrections.

I have updated the post with the most current information. Items being:
  1. apt-get doesnt require blues-pin anymore.
  2. a bluetooth service needs to be restarted to register the rfcomm0 device

I got myself a AVF bluetooth adaptor, and its really slim - about 3mm thick. It cost RM39.00 which I thought was a great price. It also presents ample opportunity for it to be embedded within the eee PC casing if I were so bold as to solder it directly into the motherboard. heh. One of these days, I guess.


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Anonymous said...

ubuntu is wabbish !!!!!!!!!!