Friday, January 06, 2006


Spent the day wrestling with Postfix.

Ive finally gotten it to do what I need, and at the end of it all, it certainly is a cleaner approach to handling emails than sendmail.

Now Ive been using sendmail for many years and Im quite comfortable with its settings. However its syntax can get a little daunting.

With Postfix, things look alot 'simpler' but full featured as I have yet to find a function which it cant do.

The reason why Im looking onto Postfix is because sendmail cant seem to pipe emails through dspam before dispatching to its virtual users.

Postfix can.

Im using the webmin interface for Postfix and its quite full featured. It automatically calls a 'postfix reload' whenever a map is updated. However it doesnt have access to the file, so that still has to be done manually.


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Lotso said...

Heh.. so went the postfix way. Yeah.. I do agree, although nearly all(I think) distros ship with sendmail, I too have been using sendmail for a long time, but I've been trying to migrate to postfix too. (the only instance where I've not switched to postfix is on my laptop.

All others, servers, vmware servers, play servers etc are all using postfix.

Welcome to the Cleaner and safer world.

dnl # Don't Blame Sendmail dnl


Yoon Kit said...

Sendmail has been good to me for a long time too, and I didnt find modifying the FEATURES and whathaveu that difficult as its pretty well documented.

So yeah, its hard to move to another, but at least Postfix has been designed to be a sendmail replacement, so that eases the pain a little.

Thanks for the help at the dspam maillist!