Friday, January 27, 2006


I was walking around KLCC before Christmas and I saw this display in Isetan.
The kerning was definitely wrong which severely destroyed any value this brand enjoyed.


Anyway, La Mer is suppose to mean "The Sea" in French,
as used by Nemo's "Beyond the Sea" and Lost.
which brings us to this amazing discovery I found today.

I did a search, and found "google book search" to try.

I clicked on it, and there was this scanned image of an old
french dictionary with the relevant text highlighted! Amazing!

not so lame after all!


Friday, January 06, 2006


Spent the day wrestling with Postfix.

Ive finally gotten it to do what I need, and at the end of it all, it certainly is a cleaner approach to handling emails than sendmail.

Now Ive been using sendmail for many years and Im quite comfortable with its settings. However its syntax can get a little daunting.

With Postfix, things look alot 'simpler' but full featured as I have yet to find a function which it cant do.

The reason why Im looking onto Postfix is because sendmail cant seem to pipe emails through dspam before dispatching to its virtual users.

Postfix can.

Im using the webmin interface for Postfix and its quite full featured. It automatically calls a 'postfix reload' whenever a map is updated. However it doesnt have access to the file, so that still has to be done manually.


Saruman the Leet

You've read The Darth Side, now a chance to read about the innerworkings of yet another evil megalomaniac: Saruman the Leet.

The premise is that he's back from the dead, atoned for his sins, and is now trying to be good. Also he's a wizard in both senses of the word: magical and technical. Lets see how long he can last being 'good'.


Thursday, January 05, 2006

Sendmail and Webmin settings.

Note to self:

To get webmin to config sendmail config files,
make sure that the "Sendmail M4 base directory" is correct.
the default is "/usr/lib/sendmail-cf"

For Redhat configs, its "/usr/share/sendmail-cf"