Tuesday, September 27, 2005

TMNet Horror 1.14.3 - 2 Months and counting ....

The frustration...


Hello TMNet,

What is the status of this complaint?
I have been waiting for over 2 months and no reply now.

My Account has been disabled for 2 weeks now,
because of the extra charges you have wrongly charged me!
I have paid my subscription for this month,
and am appalled that I have to endure more downtime
just because of this issue.

BTW, November is coming up, and I wonder if
it can actually take 1 year to resolve this problem.

1) Please re-enable my account
2) Please rebate the other charges
3) Please respond to this within 1 day.
4) Please escalate this problem to your manager, if you cannot help me.
5) Please solve this problem soon.



Anybody got contacts in TMNet who can help me?!


TMNet Horror

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Anonymous said...

that's terrible! dunno if u can contact jeffooi since he was complainin bout tmnet stuff a couple of months back. http://www.jeffooi.com/archives/2005/
good luck.

Yoon Kit said...

You bet its terrible!

I read Jeff's post, and looks like he should know who I can contact... will try it out!


obiwan said...

Dude, I just got my own Telekom horror story yesterday. I got billed for rm2,000+ for "ADSL". Going to the KedaiTM to complain, I found a bunch of other people who got charged ridiculous amounts for what was itemised as "ADSL". Wtf?

Customer service did dismiss the charge though.

Yoon Kit said...

Ah, lucky you... Im going for gold! 1 Year unresolved issue! Malaysia Boleh!