Friday, September 02, 2005

In Word or text format please...

I received some questions from an online journalist yesterday regarding some Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) deployments in my company and I responded to them in an OpenOffice document. A few minutes later, I got this response:

Dear Yoon Kit,

Could you kindly resend document in either Word or text format?


Now, normally in business dealings, I would. However this was after all queries regarding FOSS, and it seems so hypocritical to discuss FOSS and yet send it back either in a proprietary format, or text which is good, but loses the pretty formatting.

Here was my response.

just download from its free.


Now if need be, there is the standard lengthy response one can use from the FSF, and also why its important that we use freely viewable files.

Hopefully the journalist takes the opportunity to test drive some FOSS applications so as to be an informed reporter on the state of the quality of the very software being written about.


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Felix Leong said...

That's a really sound response you made there.

kakisembang said...

It sounds in-appropriate for to ask for Proprietary format document when you are discussing or preaching about FOSS

Yoon Kit said...

Well, you cant really blame the journalist, after all, they are just doing their jobs and arent really interested in the 'politics' or 'crusade' or what-have-you of FOSS.

But Im glad I had this opportunity to show just one journalist openoffice, and I hope that the experience would be a positive one.

Jason Lim said...

Yeah! I support you :)

Nur Hussein said...

You could have used LaTeX :)

Text file *with* pretty formatting ;)

Yoon Kit said...

> You could have used LaTeX

That would REALLY be pushing it!

ShaolinTiger said...

Send as PDF or HTML..

Sending people .sxw files just confuses them ;)

Actually you can just use it's very nice software..

Free and cross platform, even has a native OSX front end.

After using OOo for about 6 months..I found it still lacking.

Yoon Kit said...

> Sending people .sxw files just confuses them ;)

Yeah, its not a very obviously named extension, like 'doc'. Looks almost pr0nographic!

> After using OOo for about 6 months..
> I found it still lacking.

Ive been using it for over 3 years (?) and its good enough for me. Abiword? Thats even more obscure!