Monday, September 12, 2005


I read this off Suanie's blog, and decided to myself, why not just send the darn email.

Basically Afdlin Shauki is having a hard time getting distributors to sell his album, as they consider him not mainstream enough, and I guess people know him more as a funny man than a serious musician.

Many moons ago he performed at the Actors Studio in Bangsar with Haze and I was mighty impressed. They didnt have any CDs to sell, and I had been looking out for it ever since.

Little did I know about Afdlin's drama of getting distributed.

"One station manager actually said to me that my album is to NICHE. Kepala Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu..... dia. So nak dengar lagu yang macam meleleh aje sampai mampus, sampai bila negara kita ni nak maju. Bagilah people the choice to choose. I knoow it may not be for everyone, but what about those people who want to hear afdlin shauki's song or even are waiting for something different / NICHE setan gondollll?"

Anyway, so he's giving away his album. He'll pay for the shipping anywhere in the world. If you like it enough, send him the money. If you dont like it, destroy it.

I emailed in, and last week I received it. I listened to it, and I liked it. It wasnt perfect, he could have left out the comedic elements to it, cos after the 3rd listening, it got old. But its a great album. Ive already sent my RM35 for it via Maybank2U. [OMG, that was conflusing! Beneficiary ID?! Payment Ref No?! TAC?! How difficult does maybank want it to be?]

Anyway, it seems to be working:

"Gua macam tak percaya siut!! in one day we have outsold the number of CDs that my @#$%* DITRIBUTOR has sold in a month."

It was very courageous attempting to distribute music by himself, and his efforts should be rewarded. Good on him!


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