Friday, August 26, 2005

Astro the Prude

What is happening on Astro? Why are they bleeping out relatively harmless words on the programmes? Its so darn unnecessary.

I was watching Scrubs last night and every other friggin scene had some words dissapeared into the nether regions of the sensitive censorship room. Its like watching RTM 20 years ago when 'dangerous' words like 'Damn' or 'Shit' were removed from our malaysian vocabulary. Even the slap on Elliots rear was censored.

Then there was 'House', a scene where Dr House was asking what a baby was eating. The proud mother said "He's having nothing but ..... milk".
The funny thing is, for the trailers for House, we actually get to hear what she says, and the censored word is: 'breast'!!
Thats right, all she was saying was "He's having nothing but breast milk".
Nothing naughty about that at all!

He also comments on an off duty nurses dress, and says something like
"Nice outfit, you .... .... . ........"
What? He was trying to say that she looked like a prostitute. How do I know? The darn Malay subtitles were NOT censored. Oh NO! Its NOT alright to hear it in English, but its OK to read it in Malay? What gives? They cant be bothered to censor the subtitles too? Or the person doing the subtitles dont know what the criteria words are?

What the .... ?? Whats happening? Why the sudden need to be so prudish? Now I have to treat Astro programmes like some foreign films where I have to constantly read the subtitles to make sense of the show? C'mon guys, its like five years into the 21st century already.

How frustrating. I might as well get the DVDs.

They should take the Prude Test


2 lewsers:

Firedancer said...

That's one reason why I don't subscribe to Astro.

Yoon Kit said...

> That's one reason why
> I don't subscribe to Astro.

There will come a point when the programmes become unintelligible and thats when people will turn off their TV sets.

However, I wouldnt NOT subscribe to Astro just because of this, at this point in time... we are after all quite used to this mindless censorship of TV and movies.

Im just surprised that old fangled 'values' are suddenly being reappearing in modern programming. Not only that, its probably worse than before...

Oh yes, the word 'Pig' is also censored!! bwahaha!