Friday, June 03, 2005

Working With Gtk# - gargh!

Im converting some System.Windows.Forms to Gtk# and its downright frustrating. Not that the technology is buggy, its mature enough to rely on, but Im so new to it and not used to the widgets, syntax nor "Packing" philosophy... The worst thing about it, is that the documentation is not centralised, and the one which show most promise is incomplete gah!

A search on google reveals lots of links, but they are to unrelated languages like C++ or PHP or Ruby. Nothing on mono. The C++ ones are good, as the documentation is 60% complete, but I will still have to guess the Properties in C# when I try to compile.

Plus monodevelop is still way too slow with its code completion. Press Cntrl-Space and expect to wait between 2-10 seconds. No good!

Here are some refs which are barely useful:
The Mono Handbook
GotMono Community

Anyway, Im just dissapointed in not finding a consistent and updated referenc site for Gtk#.


I found this more useful, its a desktop app called Gnome devhelp. Contains all the APIs necessary, but in C.
Another one is this The Official Mono Docs

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obiwan said...

You know what you should do? Advertise the cross-platformness on the cposf webpage! We need a "runs on Mono and Linux as well as Windows" endorsement somewhere. It'd go a long way towards promoting OSS as a way to free yourself from platform dependence, and also Linux (which is cool ;) ).

Yoon Kit said...

Oh sure, cross platformness of csopf is for me an important part of developing it. As much hype in marketing IIS as a secure webserver there is out there, I stil dont trust it. So Apache-mod_mono-xsp would be the choice for me to deploy my apps.
But if IIS is just as good if not better, at least I have the means to decide, and thats what choice is all about, isnt it?
Whether there is endorsement for OSS is really a byproduct (and a good one too) of the technology. All we are interested in is a good business value... as spoken like a real marketdroid.