Wednesday, June 08, 2005

csopf v0.4.0 Finally out!

Heheh... for a long time I havent updated the csopf project, not because development on that project was stagnant (it wasnt! check the changelog!) but mainly because we have been working on it to make it production quality for one of our internal projects. Now that the project is live for almost 2 months +, Ive decided to release v0.4.0. [should be more like 1.0!!]

And what a big release it is!

There is a whole load of features, and I tried to list them all here.

It was really fun implementing for ASP.NET, and the features we built into the framework would hopefully be easier for developers to pick up. Now I just have to come up with some documentation and tutorials to illustrate how easy it is to create websites!

2 lewsers:

obiwan said...

Dude did you assign copyright to the FSF? Ditesh wants you to attach your names to the project so he can list it in "Malaysian OSS projects"

Yoon Kit said...

Whaddaya mean "assign copyrights"?

I thought I just had to do this
which I have on every source file,

as decribed by this: How to Apply These Terms to Your New Libraries

Am I compliant now?