Tuesday, May 10, 2005

You're Fired

I finished watching the Apprentice 2 on TV3 a few weeks ago,
when I realised that Trump has it all wrong!
You know, they keep going on about the grueling 15 week interview,
blah blah blah, and that at the end of it they stand a chance
to win a million dollar job, etc. In the meantime, one by one, each contestant
gets kicked off the show with The Donald pursing his lips and saying:

"You're Fired"

Cue Taxi scene and end credits...

Whats wrong here is that, If its a 15 week interview, and these are
candidates vying to be Donalds sidekicks, shouldnt they need to be
Hired First before getting 'Fired?'

Ah well, I guess

"You're Not Hired"

doesnt have the same ring to it ...

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