Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Horror of British Telecoms

The Horror of British Telecoms

Ah well, looks like its a worldwide phenomena when it comes to pseudo-privatised telecom companies.
Its like a horrible case of catch-22.
" I spent explaining to the BT operator how poor the service was. The BT lady, of course, being skilled in such matters, refused to allow me to file a complaint. Ah, the power of the monopoly!"
Here's another one:
Thats Bad? Try NTL!

This guy is just complaining about how to get access to the 'net. Im getting billed for services which I havent used. He waits around 57 minutes on the phone. I wait around 20+ days for an email response. He gets passed around from department to department, I get to speak to 4 different people on email every other response.


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