Wednesday, March 09, 2005

TMNet Horrors 1.6 - Calling for reinforcements.

I heard on the radio that will look after my consumer rights regarding Multimedia and Communications. Excellent! So Ive included them in my CC list.

From: Yoon Kit Yong
Reply-To: Yoon Kit Yong
To: TM Net Customer Care Support ,,,,
Date: Mar 9, 2005 1:13 AM
Subject: Re: Outrageous Streamyx bill! RM44 -> RM422 for this month! Outrageous service! rejection after 1 month wait.
Hello Aminah,

Thank you for your explanation regarding the charges
of the hours. Unfortunately, I did not ask for clarifications on the

> We hope the above explanation is useful.
> We hope the above reverts to your query.

No and No. Please re-read my requests again.

> as it is the responsibility of customers to assure these
> actions are done to ensure that the equipment at your
> premise is in proper working condition.

If you were to read my emails properly again,
you will find that I have NOT set my modem to autodial.
What has happened is that your system has been registering
my login sessions as not logged out, thus raking up my online time.
The puzzling thing is that my login and logout procedures have
not changed since I have had streamyx at my residence!

So PLEASE do not blame my equipment, as it is configured
properly, and in 'proper working condition'.

Your technical team should be wondering about their
billing system which has kept track of a login over 211 HOURS (16th Nov)
with zero network traffic as I can guarantee that my modem
would have been disconnected at that time.
Would anyone in their right mind leave the connection on for over
8 days when he knows he is on a limited package, AND his
average MONTHLY usage is only 2 days?

You would also like to check your 'customer service levels' as waiting
over 1 month per reply is dismal, especially for a telecommunications
service company. This is NOT how you should treat your customers.

I have taken the liberty to CC this email to to report on the
frustrating state of affairs Im facing. The next response, if not favourable,
will include people of the media, and I hope you understand the severity
of this situation for your company.

Remember, I have proven, and your records can also prove it, that I have
historically been a light user of Streamyx. From the period of Jan04 to Sep04
I average 30 hours a month. That is HALF of what Im allocated in my RM44 package
of 60 hours. The spike occured in the last quarter of 2004, my surfing habits
have not changed, as I do very little surfing at home, and I can only think of
a change in your login system which doesnt terminate idle connections.
Neither are there instructions on how end users such as myself to terminate such
connections. It took me ages to find your toll free number, and even
more explanation
and wasted time in getting your helpdesk to free the suspended logins.
So there is something seriously wrong in your login software, and your
procedures to rectify for your users is too elaborate.

As you can see, Im not being unreasonable in my request to 'rebate' the charges
your billing department has debited me, as all evidence shows that your system
is deficient.

Now, as I have requested before, if YOU, Aminah, have no authority to
annull the charges, please direct me to your superior, or even to the
head of department who can understand my situation.
I refuse to call the 1-300 number because I do not want to waste more
time in re-explaining my plight. I have wasted over 4 months on this
matter already.


Yoon Kit

I wonder how they'd react?

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