Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Random Pictures #2

Here are more strange pictures from around KL between the months of March and April 2009.

Somewhere in Melawati, by this dumpsite (which obviously has a sign which says dumpsters will be prosecuted), was this strange juxtaposition of beauty and rubbish:
Which prick keeps peacocks nowadays anyway? Some MJ wannabe?

Driving through the Middle Ring Road, approaching Damansara - yes, everywhere is "Damansara" nowadays, even though its more like Puchong/Kepong/Jinjang. A new sign appeared below the Smart TAG, and it asks for volunteers to test out some MILFs. Or did I read wrong?
The dude in the DMAX seems dissapointed.

In a Factory Outlet Store, there was this reject of a shirt. I wonder what the vendor was thinking when they ordered 50 cartons of these lame yellow "SCO" shirts.
The seagulls look so OpenOffice.org 2.0. And what does "So Cal" mean? iCal? Fail.

This restaurant seems to be trending with the theme of the season. I wonder if they serve pork? from Mexico?
Next door is "Pneumonia Drive Thru".

An addendum to my "Secure Eateries", although its not about security, nor is it about eateries, this new shop in Sri Rampai seems promising to us geeks:
How does it work? Do they trade in IPs of open terminals to log in? Well, Ive got bad news for their business: Ctrl-Alt-[F1-F6] gives users free terminals! What is the furniture for? Whatever the case, they certainly dont install Windows there!


6 lewsers:

Khairil said...

SoCal is Southern California. No idea what SCO is though.

SysAdmin said...

Picture #2: It's MLFF la.

Yoon Kit said...

@Khairil SCO = Santa Cruz OpenOffice.org

@SysAdmin say it out loud and its the same.


Jagermeist3r said...

I think I know where you took that picture in Melawati.

I live in Melawati.
Used to be a very green and pristine area, when in primary school, we used to run up to the damn.

Now, yucksss! Dump site all over. Thanks to ... a four letter word acronym - MPAJ.

chunson said...

peacocks - try avillon pd :) they have half a dozen or more... they sleepon the tennis court fence at night and roam the adult pool during the day. at night the look like predatory birds waiting to pounce from the fence.

Chirag Patel said...

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