Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Proprietary File Lock-OUT!

Got a query from a colleague to help open a PowerPoint file, from his client. It may be password protected (who password protects presentations?!!!) so it may cause problems ...

Sure enough, complains:


So I was forced to install Microsoft Office, which I have been avoiding like the plague. To keep it as far away as possible, I put it in a Virtual Machine. Waited the 15 minutes to install, and loaded the file up. This is the wonderfully helpful error I got:

"PowerPoint can't open the type of file represented by M:\xxxx.ppt"

WHAT?! So much for the "de-facto" file format which everyone uses! Im so happy I haven't been using .doc/.xls/.ppt for over 5 years now. None of this rubbish. Real open formats for me, thanks.

And look at that smugfaced Clippy! No wonder people hate him!


*Uninstall Microsoft Office - that pile of crap*


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