Thursday, August 28, 2008

When you censor, you make people curious.

Silly MCMC. Dont they know that "censoring" a website via DNS blackholes is the lamest way of blocking it? I mean if they wanted to really censor, then deny all traffic into Malaysian backbones. Do it properly.

Instead they just told ISPs to blackhole entries to Circumventing this is really easy, either by direct IP, or changing DNS server to any other foreign one, or having other people "mirror" the IP addresses.

Now we, the Malaysian public, know that someone doesn't want us to read the ramblings of RPK. Instead now RPK gets the credibility. Now there is more of a suspicion that what he is writing is hitting a nerve.

So shame on MCMC, shame on the people who authorised this, and shame on the ISP who bowed to this directive.

Don't they know that whenever you try to ban something, the desire for people to want to read it increases? duh.


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Anonymous said...

Almost makes you think that they purposely chose DNS blackholes so to drum up interest in it.

Reverse psychology.