Tuesday, August 12, 2008

IE6 on Linux ... why?!

Revamping a website to make it more CSS compliant, and getting rid of a whole load of <table> gunk. Playing with unordered lists and list items and tailoring the look with simple CSS is very addictive and somewhat rewarding. However this comes with a price, and its the Microsoft tax yet again. This time its a tax on my patience. Things just don't appear as they should on IE6, while Firefox, Netscape, Konqueror, Safari and Opera works perfectly. Considering that it still has about 30% market share (still way more than Firefox), it is a problem which needs to be addressed.

So to help me debug it without having to pull up a Remote Desktop, I had to install IE on my Linux machine. Eugh.

Fortunately the pain of installation was rather ... painless. IE4Linux has a great installation process which allows you to install IE5, 5.5 and 6 using wine and cabextract. The process is described here, and the screenshots looked like this:

It took about 7 minutes to download the CABs and run through the installation. The binaries are kept in a ~/.ie4linux folder. Running a user friendly symbolic link from ~/bin/ie6 displays ie in all its glorious splendour:

"Master, It Lives!"


4 lewsers:

Luqman said...

yes, IE is a bitch!

drizad said...

i hve been using ies4linux for the past few months with my ubuntu hardy to submit patient's claim, as the sites cannot run on Firefox. It's sucks isn't it?

So far, the only complaint is that ies4linux is a too slow (maybe due to the WINE), and it sometimes hogs my 512mb memory which cause my ubuntu to freeze!!!

Rizal said...


Thou SHALT NOT defile the Great 'Guin!

Fommy said...

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