Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Canon ImageRunner and Ubuntu

We have gone away from individual departments printers with a centralised printer/photocopier/scanner device. We chose Canon's ImageRunner 3300 as our solution. Installing the printer drivers for Windows was easy. Installing it on Ubuntu was even easier - no drivers necessary.

1) Select System / Administration / Printing.
2) Click on "New Printer". This would take about 10 seconds before this screen appears:

As it scans the network for available printers. The Printer I wanted was the Canon iR3300.
3) Clicking "Forward" would display the available drivers.

The Manufacturer was automatically selected, but the model was not. There was is an entry for imageRunner 330s which I selected.
4) Clicking "Forward" again was a screen for descriptive information for the printer.

Its not entirely necessary to fill it in...
5) and finally, when the "Apply" button is clicked, the new printer is displayed:

And the printer is immediately available! The test print worked, and a spreadsheet from Calc worked. Duplex (double sided) printing also works.

So that was relatively straightforward!

However, now Id have to figure out how to get the network scanning feature to work ...


2 lewsers:

Professor said...

We have this same printer (3300i) and I have tried using the Ubuntu provided drivers from new installs of 8.04 and 8.10 and everything works great except everything I print comes out twice. I have not been able to figure out why.

Yoon Kit said...

Hi Prof,

There is a setting in Properties / Job Options / Common Options / Copies

which is by default set to "1" obviously. Can you check if its not set to "2" in your case?