Friday, October 12, 2007

Filename Dater v1.1

Since the release of my Filename Dater, I have implemented a few additional features for version 1.1:
  1. Added an option for timestamps to be incorporated into the filename
  2. Uses the Registry to remember the Path and options set
  3. Made the filetypes user definable
  4. Minor UI cleanups
Ive also made sure that the program works well under Wine, and here it is running in Ubuntu:

Thanks to the Malaysian FOSS guys, you can download the file from (565KB Windows Executable)


2 lewsers:

Jeff said...


Thank you for this program. I would suggest that the full year e.g. 20080714 be prepended to the filename instead of just the last two digits of the year. It will make the the files stamped by your program more easily identified in the future.



Yoon Kit said...

> more easily identified in the future

like a hundred years from now? ;-)

Will do the modifications one of these days.