Monday, September 03, 2007


Check out this picture:

Microsoft Netmeeting is so revolutionary! Skype eat this! Hehhehhhh!

Its so scary on so many levels. This is Steve Ballmer. He is the top guy at Microsoft. He seems to be thrilled at something to do with video conferencing. Look at his face in glee. Even when he's happy, he's scary. But look closely at the picture. The headphones dont seem to be big enough for his smooth big head. That is because the top dog at a high tech company doesnt know how to wear one of these. It should actually be worn like this:

I wonder if the staffer behind him had the guts to tell him how to put it on properly? Maybe it actually works by reverberations on his dome? Or when you are at his level, you dont really need to listen anymore. Just shout your commands. Tear some vocal chords.


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