Friday, August 03, 2007

Tilda - Quake on Linux

I just installed this little program called Tilda. Its quite good. If you ever needed a console pronto, and couldn't wait for gnome-terminal to come up, and have good memories of First Person Shooters and invoking the console with tilda (~), try this out.

To install in ubuntu, just type:

# sudo apt-get install tilda

Then launch it using

# tilda -C &

A nice gui interface will help you configure it and it looks something like this:
You can change the keybindings to whatever you so desire, "None+F2" is the default. "None+grave" would be the original (grave == tilda), but may be difficult if you want to go to someone's home directory ( ~user ). So I chose something easy to hit: "Control+grave".

Clicking on OK will load up the tilda interface and it looks something like this:

It appears on the top left hand corner of my screen. Initially it was rather small. So I had to modify the size (in pixels) of the console. You can also do this via the GUI, or if you are in a hurry, on the command line with this command:

# resize -s 60 150

where 60 is the number of rows and 150 is the number of columns. Tilda will automatically resize the input screen (for this session only).

Now if only IDDKFA, IDDQD and nowadays "impulse 101" works in real life!


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