Friday, February 09, 2007

Xen and Centos 4.4

After finding it "difficult" to install extra stuff in a rPath installation, Im now trying to use the CentOS images from
Got it running, and after getting the network up, I needed to install these basic administrative tools
  1. webmin
  2. vi
I got the latest rpm from, and typed in 'rpm -hiv webmin.xx.noarch.rpm' It complained that it needed perl, so I had to do this

yum install perl

After downloading 12MB of stuff, rpm'ing webmin was successful. Joy.

The default editor provided by jailtime is 'nano'. Its a nice interactive editor, but I guess Im way to used to 'vi'. 'vi' is definitely primitive by anybodies standards, but I guess typing in the 'Esc-W-Q' has become ingrained in my fingers, that I can't help but to install it.

Unfortunately it is not straightforward, as 'yum install vi' does NOT work.
Googling for this is hopeless, as when you do a search for 'yum install vi', you just get instructions on how to edit yum repositories with vi, and its not very helpful.

However a 'which vi' on a system which has 'vi', gives a hint:

alias vi='vim'

however a 'yum install vim' also does not work, as the proper command is actually

yum install vim-enhanced

This will do the necessary dependency checks, and will offer to download 4.5MB worth of stuff! I never knew a console based text editor would be so bulky.

Anyway, I shut down the Xen image, made a copy of it so that next time I need to prep up a virtual server, I already have one preprepared.


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Jonathan Smith said...

Out of curiosity, what did you find difficult about rPath?