Tuesday, December 19, 2006

"Technology Neutrality" and what it means to us Malaysians - New Straits Times

My article finally came out in the New Straits Times Online, entitled "Opinion: 'Technology Neutrality' and what it means to us Malaysians". Its quite a direct article in that I didn't hold back in the direct criticisms and that was deliberate because the message has to be quite clear that the terms "Neutrality" should not just mean sit-back-and-dont-do-nufin. It should mean a pro-active approach in software evaluation to ensure that we have a level playing field.

Im just wondering if the New Straits Times would actually have the guts to put this opinion on their print versions, in conjunction with their BSA/CompTIA/Microsoft sponsored 'advertorials' which they so frequently have, often an entire spread with full colour ...

Well, its a continuation of our efforts in getting the communities voice heard in mainstream media, and hopefully we can have more of these in the future.


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