Friday, November 24, 2006

gimme my steel parang.

It would be humourous if it wasnt so sad.

Sounds like Malaysia and Thailand's Technology Ministers are trying to out do each other!

Here's the latest from our very own Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation:

The minister cited the example of a parang (machete) made from titanium and another made of stainless steel.

"If you believe that you can do more using the titanium parang, then use the titanium parang," he said. And if the stainless steel parang serves you better, you should use that.

"It's about choice. Let the market decide," he added

Anyway, who'd use a titanium parang?

  1. cost would be exhorbitant
  2. shouldn't use a lightweight product to do heavy weight work
  3. maintenance would be a killer
  4. sharpening stones would need to come with guaranteed advantage
  5. Once broken considered gone
  6. Weight distribution will be all wrong
  7. Form over function

All in all, users of titanium parangs tend to be bad hackers anyway.


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