Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Blogger Beta

Ive just converted this blogger engine to Blogger Beta, and it was relatively easy setting it up. I dont have access to the raw HTML, so there are some formatting areas which I would have liked to tweak, but ah well..

Anyway, Ive changed the colour scheme, so no more polka dots.

Here are the issues currently Im facing:
  • I dont like the way it adds the title for my javascript 'page element'
  • The width shouldnt be restricted by absolute pixel numbers. Should be a percentage of screensize.
  • The template editor doesnt allow me to move the elements to the left of the page. So its stuck to the right for now.
  • The size of the right page elements should be narrower. There's no way to adjust the width.
An addition is the support for labels. Im not sure how Ill be able to label the previous posts.

Anyway, its good to know that Google has finally upgraded this aging Blog interface, with 'modern' features: Dynamic Pages, Access Control, Labels, Template Editor... see the very limited tour, or read about it here.


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swee said...

check out my blogsite - i have changed blogger beta's coding somewhat. Three columns instead of traditional two. Is it what you are looking for? IF so then, comment on any of my visible posts and i think I cane show you where