Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Stray Cat

A few months ago, a pregnant stray cat came up to my door for food. I didnt offer it any but I gave it a cardboard mat to lay on. She was happy enough. So she hunts during the day and retires to a comfortable pad for a rest at night. However 5 weeks ago, she dissapeared. I didn't know where she went to, and I just assumed that she gave birth and went on her merry way.

smugfaced pregnant cat with no sign of appreciation

Then yesterday I found her again, this time with a brood of two kittens. Very cute. She was in this position yesterday evening, and this morning as I left for work, she was in the same place. She must be tired.
ex-pregnant but still smugfaced cat but with cute kittens

The strange thing is, when I saw her first in mid May, she looked like she was about to burst already. The gestation period is 65 days. She definitely is the same cat: same markings and all. The kittens: are they new born or 1 month old? I have no idea ...

I dont like stray animals. They live in such dire conditions, that I would hate that their offspring would have to endure such harsh treatment too. So anybody want to adopt a cat-family? BTW, Im not a fan of cats. They have such irritating attitudes.


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Anonymous said...

Hi, I love cats.....are those kittens still available?

You can get hold of me at yeoheric@hotmail.com



Anonymous said...

Smugfaced, hah. The kittens look like that too. Maybe she was just cranky, she was pregnant, and after she had two mischevious kittens. It was nice that you took care of her, even though you didn't like cats much. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, they're probably a lot older by now....the last person posted in 2006. Yeah, I bet they're grown up kittens. I hope. ;-;