Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Lotus Notes Crash = Reboot

I hate it when Lotus Notes crashes and then on a restart, complains:
Unable to open desktop file. Notes may have terminated abnormally in an earlier session. Please logoff or shut down the operating system before running Notes again.
So basically users would have to save and shut down all their work, and wait for a reboot cycle. This is not efficient. One of the benefits in using Crossover Office to run Lotus Notes on Linux, I just needed to do a cxoffice restart, and Im back in action.

But in the Windows world, a reboot was always a necessity.

Till I googled abit more.

It seems its quite a common annoyance, and people have found a solution. Once solution is to kill the namgr.exe process. I couldnt find that process in my Task Manager in WinXP. Then this detailed post states that we should kill off:
  • nhldaemn.exe
  • namgr.exe
  • naldaemn.exe
  • nweb.exe
Where the only one which was running on my system was naldaemn.exe. On killing this process, Lotus Notes started as fresh as a clear booted system.


3 lewsers:

Anonymous said...

You can search for something called notezap... Which will kill all the running Notes Program when they crash.

Nice one.

Yoon Kit said...

> search for something called notezap

Haha, you are right!

ZapNotes 3.4 - Now people from around the world look forward to their Notes client crashing! :)

I havent tried it yet, but it looks promising for newbie lusers!


John said...

I couldn't find any of the above, but killing ntaskldr worked for me.