Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ops Tulen 2006 - Marketing Overdrive

Oh wow.

What a response.

After the post, I received many emails from people who echoed my views (privately of course).
Here is a collection of threats which have since come my way, and I'd expect the volume to pick up as they are seriously going into overdrive now that 30th of April is only 11 days away!

The first is from Microsoft themselves (again)

Here, it says that the Government has added 700 more Enforcement Officers to drive the lynch mob. Thats quite amazing.

Lets say the squaddies get paid 1K per month, and this enforcement period runs 1-3 months: OK: 2 months. Thats an expenditure of at least 1.4m!

Imagine putting all that resources to informative roadshows to push Free Software. How much as a country will we actually save? I sincerely hope that its not my Tax Dollars which is going into this drive.

Next up, I received a promo pack from a very enthusiastic Reseller:

Same old stuff: Deadline by 30th April 2006, for the next year's 'protection'.

But interestingly, they have this new icons: Audit, Legalise and Crackdown. Must be a great marketing genius to come up with this. Like the same guys who live in Utah USA.

btw... how I wish I was just as hensem as the 'Head of IT' for the 'Local Conglomerate'. Any details on him?

Last and definitely the least:

A poorly poorly designed web-mailer from YAR (Yet Another Reseller). Notice how they cant even get those simple 3 icons right: Crackdown is symbolised by an inverted questionmark? Im confused.

Software piracy is not only a crime, but it can destroy computers And data, please protect yourself & your business to avoid penalty

Man there are so many things wrong with this sentence its not funny.

1) How does piracy destroy hardware? I guess when one of the 700 the enforcement agents come in to remove your hardware and manhandle them, its possible that hardware and software will get damaged.
2) "And data, please protect yourself..." You hear that Data? If you want to keep being a sentient LifeForm, you'd betta be careful!
3) You'd better pay up or you or your business or someone you love will die. Sounds as threatening as our friendly neighbourhood taiko. Whats with that explosion at the bottom? Is thats what will become of me?

Anyway, if any of you guys have more of this new form of government sponsored marketing materials, please send them over. Its fascinating.


2 lewsers:

Anonymous said...

We were at the US-Malaysia IPR roundtable today. The gist of it is that US wants more protection and more criminal enforcement, in all areas including ICT, books, entertainment etc.

The Ministry officials were actually on our side. They repeatedly questioned the high prices. But due to unrelenting lopsided pressure, they have capitulated to some extent.

They are winning this battle because NOBODY speaks up. That's really sad.

It is of utmost importance that concerned citizens speak up in public forums as the government members can only do so much.

The US was suggesting even more severe criminal penalties, and I can see them getting it unless we do something ASAP.

What we need to do immediately is:

a) Refute their statistics repeatedly in all public and private forums as they base their need for stronger protection based on their skewed statistics

b) Repeatedly ask the Ministry to educate businesses and users by offering the option of alternative software and copyrighted works, such as those under FOSS or CC.

c) Help write whitepapers and case studies.

There's IP Day next week, 26th April 2006. We will probably be meeting more government officials and will be iterating the points above. The more people that come, the better!

Anybody who's interested, ping kaeru, aizatto or myself (ditesh) on IRC and we'll see how all of us can work together :-)

aizat said...

I was at the US-Malaysia IPR Roundtable today, and there was a heavy emphasis on piracy. Especially in raiding and stuff.