Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Converting PAL DVD to NTSC

I needed to convert a small video from PAL to NTSC.
Supposedly the dvd players in Canada is not multi-region
and wont support PAL. bah.

Fortunately the video is already on a DVD so I dont have
to worry about getting the hardware to capture it...

So Im trying out ffmpeg.

This is the command which I figured should work:

ffmpeg -i video_ts/vts_01_1.vob -target ntsc-dvd -r '30000/1001' -acodec copy ntsc.mpg

The .vob file is the original video,
the -target ntsc-dvd hopefully uses the NTSC resolution (720x480).
-r changes the frames per second from 25fps to 29.999 fps
and the -acodec copy is suppose to just copy over the audio.

The process took about 10minutes or so for a 11minute video
with alot of strange messages.

After it was done, xine played the video perfectly,
but the audio was just white noise.

Anyway, dvdauthor was next, and since I just need something simple,
Im just using the command line to generate the DVD structure:

dvdauthor ntsc.mpg -o ntsc-dvd

which will have the AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS structures within the ntsc-dvd directory.

So now Ill try to figure out the audio problem...


2 lewsers:

Yoon Kit said...

hmm strange...

xine gives static for audio,
but with mplayer, the audio is correct, but when I change the time, the audio goes back to static... only if played from the begining will the audio be ok.


sas said...

may be the problem was with the audio copy. you should have converted it to mp2 or mp3.