Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I should have taken up smoking

The air quality in KL now is horrible. The Haze is so think even inside airconditioned buildings are slightly hazy. Walking around the corporate campus makes my eyes water, and my throat is starting to feel irritated.

Haze is caused by Sumatra fires, not local ones

This is hard to imagine as I can actually smell the burning smoke. The haze a few years ago did not have that, unless I forget, or this time 'round, we've been hit harder.

I was just wondering how this affects us Malaysians, i.e. how many cigarettes is breathing this air equivalent to?

Perhaps we should have at airports:
"Malaysia seriously harms you and the others around you"

Otherwise its probably a good time to pick up smoking as a habit. That way, I get to see whats so great about it, and yet live as long as my fellow Malaysians. Also I would probably think that the haze is a bonus! a very lite cigarette, but for FREE!

Help Us!


The Air Pollution Index (API - how appropriate) is coming back! from screenshots.

0 - 50 - Good
51 - 100 - Moderate
101 - 200 - Unhealthy
201 - 300 - Very unhealthy
301 - 500 - Dangerous

Its seems today at KL it was only 181! Jeez, and I thought it was bad.
Wonder how Port Klang is doing at 410?!


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