Monday, July 18, 2005


Ah, after finding time for over a month, my wife and I finally got to watch Firefly, the 'complete' series. Its complete because there is only 1 series, as the show got cancelled midway through its run. Unjustly so.

The first episode started of slow, and theres alot of confusion in what the show is about. The pace picks up from episode 3 onwards as it explores the 9 characters lives set in space and outer worlds. The premise is that mankind does not meet any aliens after exploring space for over 500 years, and have set up colonies in other worlds. However, the further they travel away from the hi-tech core worlds, the lower the technology is available to people, and thus the 'back-in-time' effect of these civilisations. Thus the space opera spaghetti western genre.

I thought it was stupid at first, and this concept is stretched in the series abit, but the idea kind of grows on you, and after a while it gives the show a rather unique feel. So it works out quite well.

The stories were exceptionally well told, clever editing, good flashbacks as necessary and highly detailed sets. It was a fantastic production. Unfortunately Fox Networks cut the series midway, so so far, theres no indication of a second season. There was a huge fanbase which wrote in to urge Fox to continue, but ...

However there is a movie coming up (September 30th 2005 or so), which I will definitely be watching! Serenity...

The best episode for me was the last one, Objects in Space which featured a character who was both scary and interesting. He was Jubal Early, a bounty hunter. Good stuff.

Jubal Early

Here is the fansite which would explain this phenomenon better:
Firefly Fans


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obiwan said...

Firefly got Foxed :(

Yoon Kit said...

yer, hopefully it will do well in the big screen and come back as season 2.