Wednesday, June 01, 2005

TMNet Horror 1.11 - Redeemed!

What can I say?
Im very happy with the outcome.
Finally after almost 7 months of wrangling, I managed to get my 'money' back. Opened the post today, and found another letter from our beloved TMNet. In it was this months statement, and it just said:

Wooooo hooo! and a sigh of relief!

Not only have they credited me the months of overcharges but I believe they have added the RM44 subscriptions for the months where my service was interrupted. So well done, guys! Im glad you can actually listen to your customers complaints!

However the service levels are really something which need working on, and I hope this blog will illustrate that them big boys cant just get away with this so easy. We have the voice and means to fight back if necessary.

But Im quite happy now, I think it was a good victory, and I guess Im just a sucker for punishment. Ill probably sign up on their RM66 package for the unlimited access... I know, its like paying someone to punish you, but I really dont want to go through the rigmarole of justifying my internet usage WHEN something goes wrong again... Also, there really isnt an alternative in my area!

Oh yes, Im also changing the description of my blog from
"A Simple blog. Currently just to gripe about stuff, namely TMNet, Malaysia's premier ISP."

to something else, as they have to the best of their abilities, redeemed themselves.

The horror ends here...

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