Monday, June 27, 2005

Planet MYOSS - feed me!

Hello Planet MYOSS!
Colin was kind enough to add me as a citizen of the MYOSS planet.

However I had several problems with the formatting of my feed, for some strange reason, the html went awry and basically mutilated the tags. This had an unfortunate side effect on the planet as it 'corrupted' other peoples posts with the <pre> tag. Sorry guys, downtime was only 2 days :-[.

This was using the atom.xml directly via:

I did a google on atom and rss and found this online converter,
and I passed it on to Colin:

So what this does is that it converts the atom type feeds into rss, which I thought was great until it got plugged in:
  1. Its not 'free', so the first post would be an advertisement, and thats not so appealing (especially for an FOSS site ;-)
  2. Still some formatting problems from items from blogspot. I suspect is when I swap between the straight html code to the 'composer'/wysiwyg editor.

I inspected the output of the atom.xml in the webbrowser, and it did suggest to use Feedburner, so I made an account, and set it up to do the conversion between atom to rss. This provided better results:

All the formatting came out right, its relatively fast and so far it looks like its a 'free beer' service.

So for those of you out there using blogspot/, if you need to feed off simple rss, I'd recommend feedburner. If you have the dosh, you can pay them and get statistics of your feed, etc. but I dont find it useful...


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Here's a comparison between ATOM and RSS...