Thursday, May 26, 2005

Nokia is Finnish, after all...

Check out this new product:

It looks really nice, and seems quite useful. Whats really interesting is that Nokia is not using Symbian as its OS but Linux! I thought it was really strange considering the amount of investment they have pumped into the development of Symbian. However, after reading their site, Im pleasantly surprised to discover that they have contributed a whole load to the FOSS community.

Unfortunately this device is NOT a phone: it needs another bluetoothed phone to dial to the net... so thats rather frustrating. I wouldnt mind lugging that around if it had a phone built in as well: else, not another device to maintain!

I got this link from Miguel's blog Nokia and Gnome as he is thrilled that gtk will now be used by the 'mass-market'


Wow, I just saw this rather non-trivial HowTo on porting a Gtk app to Maemo, and its really interesting. They ported GAIM, and it looks good.

Porting an existing Gtk Application

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